Horizon Zero Dawn PC: Before You Buy [4K 60FPS]

Horizon: Zero Dawn finally arrives on PC. Available on both Steam and Epic, we’ve got a quick look at the graphics and what you can expect.
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  1. Son of Sandwiches

    I've upgraded both my nVidia drivers and upgraded to Win10 2040, and enabled hardware accelerated gpu scheduling. No issues running the game at all. My system is old too, Intel Core i3-6100 with a GeForce 1060 GTX card.

  2. D'Johns veress

    Okay Gamers now we just have to wait an other year or two to have Horizon 2 Released… And an other 3-5 to get it on PC and a additional 1-3 month to get it fixed (for everyone)…

  3. Raiuza x

    I honestly just wanted to play the game since I didn't have ps4 and still don't have. So I wanted to see if it was playable. However, I have been hearing about ALOT of bugs like crashes cutscenes not working properly and just some weird stuttering. I think I will wait for a few more months to see if some patches fix this then I will buy it.

  4. murnavid

    if there is soo much trouble running on pc then why even bother porting console exclusive to pc?

    a game like sekiro which had multi-plat release from start runs better even on low end pcs. horizon zero dawn should fix it

  5. HoiPolloiNtertains

    My first hard crash was 38 minutes in with 20 of those minutes being the game running my hardware through its system to figure out the optimal settings. I didn’t even get through the first half of the tutorial before my first crash.

    After that initial crash I’ve had no issues though. Definitely a fun game and worth getting once all the issues are ironed out. I knew it was a risky buy when I saw all the bad reviews but I’m currently having a blast.

  6. unu alin

    i've broken my arm and am forced to play it with an xbox controller and i gotta say the combat is the most frustrating experience i have ever had. how do people aim in this game with a controller? there is no auto aim whatsoever.

  7. lil p

    Peeps with less than 24gb of system Ram need to Re_start the game Once the Optimization is done ( game stores lots of shaders, etc … ) Players with 32gb Know what i'm saying if Msi afterburner OnScreen Ram usage % is turned On 🕹

  8. kaiju

    Purchased the day after released & runs great off my Xpg Sx8100 Pro Mvne M.2 ( maybe because game on ssd ) @ 1080p with ultra quality on my Ryzen 7 3700x Plus 32gb Ram & Rtx 2060 8gb Super 🎮 Thanx for Posting 🇵🇹

  9. Just A Moment with Brian

    I seriously must be absolutely BLIND to this APPARENTLY noticable things like, "anti aliasing issues"and whatever else other bogus, literally only under a microscope visual issues or something because me game that I run on a machine with a GTX 2080, i78700k and 16gigs of ram time perfectly buttery smooth at 70fps on ultra settings with perfect clouds and 0 stutter. It leagues ahead of the PS4 version and all I can really say is sorry your, multiple machines, must've sucked or something.

  10. BOB RaytherealBob


    I was so hyped for the real story to know how humanity survived, then got disappointed. Basically for an advanced civilization we choose a shitty solution and let billions of people to die off. There were several options but lol f..ck logic. Best part was that Apollo got destroyed and all the knowledge with it. Books anyone? As for the open world. Looks good but generic and not too many quests…

  11. rol Luk

    realy good single player game….graphics issues? didnt see any of them…and runed that game from begining to the and, without crashes and another isues…might nividia lovers have some ,lol- im on amd lol… greetings 🙂

  12. rol Luk

    its sony ps game so not sure gonna be some mods-but yea i runned all over it and what can i say: great game , great graphics…
    played it on amd ryzen 2600 cpu and rx590 gpu….on ultra high settings it runed flavless without any bugs or glitches…. so medium class machine, or lower? on ultra high?…. so not bad i guess?game it self- good story line…nice graphics….Missed- outfits, building,companions, mods…… and everything what makes me to keep on that game longer, when only one run…looks like sony just tested how it works with pc games lol….with that game it can work great – just add somme modding possibilities…creating kit? or something in that case…btw im fan of skyrim and fallout4- but played that one like a candy….so i know what im sayin(hangin on those two since they come out, since now)…:)

  13. Rene Stanneveld

    buggy console port. ALLWAYS avoid.
    in 2017 if it was on pc. would have bought it. now ? ZERO interest in a 3 year old game….
    shit happens with your exclusive shit, get you shit back to the console kiddies.


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